A Message of Hope for Minneapolis and Beyond

(Carlos Gonzalez/Star Tribune via AP)
The internet brings together before our eyes a constant stream of murder, wickedness, injustice, and every kind of perversity under the sun, and we can no longer handle it; we are snapping, unable to carry the burden of our corruption. Under this load, we all feel the immediate need for justice and a fix for humanity’s sorrow. We want a just judge seated who will give us justice—now.

Yet, who sees things as God does? We’re getting a small sense of what is naked and open to the eye of the Lord every moment of our lives. He told us from the beginning why things are like this. The human heart is corrupt, full of sin and wickedness from conception and prone toward all evil. Does anyone fight this assessment any longer? Does anyone dare to tell us the human heart is inherently good? One awful injustice among us ignites a nationwide cry for immediate action. Yes, we see it, don’t we?

God sees it all too. There is a final judgment soon to come when all will give an account of their lives, every lawless thing ever done will receive swift justice when the judge of heaven and earth takes his seat. The only reason God continues this sad world is because he is merciful and long-suffering, slow to anger and abounding in loving kindness as he announces a message of hope to the ends of the earth.

The best news ever is announced in the midst of this sorrow. God sent his only begotten son to rescue us from this misery. We took him, ridiculed him, beat him, and murdered him. As he cried out in this misery, he was making atonement for sins. Then God raised him from the dead and he was seated as Lord over all. His name is Jesus, he saves his people from all their sins. The promise of the gospel is our only answer in this misery. All who believe in Jesus and trust in him for salvation will never come into judgment and are saved from the wrath to come. You receive the forgiveness of sins and everlasting life.

It gets even better. God promised he will fix this mess, all the nations of the people’s will live forever in mutual love and harmony in a new heavens and new earth where only righteousness will be found.

That’s a really good message. Get in the game. Who doesn’t want this? Repent of your sins and believe the gospel. “Come to me” said Jesus, all of you who are weary of this misery, “I will give you rest for your souls.”