An Update on the Work of Dr. Christopher Yuan

The current rapidity of the sexual revolution means that we desperately need Christian voices who can address issues of human sexuality without compromise both biblically and confessionally. The church is full of so-called Christian experts on this subject who are, at present, blurring the lines on God’s good creational, sexual ethic and who are offering a middle way in an effort toward cultural accommodation.
One of the most faithful voices on these issues is our brother, Dr. Christopher Yuan.

Christopher and his mother’s testimony can be read in their excellent book, “Out of a Far Country”. Since Christopher and his mother Angela are members of the Escondido United Reformed Church, I thought it might encourage the church to support and pray for the Yuans in the unique opportunities God has provided for them to address thousands of parents and young people on issues of human sexuality.

Hopefully, this will give us some perspective on the many blessings and challenges (and dangers!) they face every week so we might uphold the Yuans in our support and prayers.

The Blessings

Christians are realizing the urgent need to be better equipped on biblical sexuality and gender. Christopher speaks all over the world to young people on issues of human sexuality. Last year, Christopher spoke in-person to 75,000 people in 22 states (often multiples times in those states) and also into British Columbia, Canada. Before COVID, the Yuans also made a couple international ministry trips per year.

In January, Christopher and Angela spoke in Austin as they were recovering from a severe ice storm that knocked out electricity. Yet, over 1,200 people came out on a Saturday to “The Holy Sexuality Conference” where Christopher spoke all day on the gospel freedom which Christ brings from the entanglements of sexual sin.

Last week in Virginia Beach, a young man was brought by his brother. He told Christopher that before attending, he identified as a “gay Christian” and that he was confused about what the Bible taught on sexuality. After the lectures, he realized he had put his identity in the wrong thing. He expressed, “I now know what is my goal. Deny myself, take up my cross, and follow Jesus.”

You may not know that Christopher is writing and producing a new video series for parents and their teens called, “The Holy Sexuality Project” that will be released in April. One of their proofreaders, a high school teacher, expresses her gratitude for how this will help many young people in their struggle with identity. She writes,

I have been so moved (to tears, several times) by the experience of reading through the curriculum and considering the powerful impact it will have on all those who experience it. It has been and will continue to be my prayer that the Lord uses this to change many, many lives. As someone who works with teenagers every day, I can confidently say that it is absolutely crucial for this generation of Christians to understand the messages taught in this curriculum and be equipped to address society’s take on the issue of sexuality and sexual identity. I am thankful for your obedience to the Lord in bringing it to fruition.


Because of all the opposition against biblical sexuality, even designating it as hate speech, Christopher and Angela frequently need armed guard when they minister. Last month, there were 40 protestors at a speaking event in Connecticut.

A design agency helping The Holy Sexuality Project ( had one employee quit because even though he claimed to be a Christian, he thought homosexuality was okay and wanted nothing to do with an agency that supports biblical sexuality. Similarly, they have a team of thirty working on the video series and a couple months ago, they lost two animators because they also disagreed with biblical sexuality, although they claimed to be Christian.

There is more and more confusion on sexuality and gender in the churches they visit. Whole denominations and churches, pastors and theologians are embracing so-called “gay Christianity.” In Canada, teaching biblical sexuality can be considered breaking their law. By God’s grace, the Yuans continue and have been able to return safely to the United States. It can get very lonely and discouraging.
Finally, the death of Dr. Leon Yuan last year has been very hard on Christopher and Angela. They continue to travel. But the absence of Leon continues to be felt even though they celebrate in the great hope of the resurrection.

Please remember Christopher and Angela Yuan in your prayers as the Lord has opened many doors of opportunity for them to help many parents and young people on issues of human sexuality and gender.