Abounding Grace – The Last Days According To Jacob Genesis 49:1-28 part 2

Blessings and promises are given to the sons of Jacob as he nears the end of his life. See the impact they have on you thru Christ in this look at Genesis 49. Continue reading

Abounding Grace – Jacob Taps Out Genesis 47:13-48:22 part 1

This section of Scripture has been aptly called “dying He Worshipped”. Join Pastor Chris as we learn why. Along the way we will be encouraged to, as John Wesley said, die well! Continue reading

Abounding Grace – Let my people go Genesis 30:25-31:55 part 2

Jacobs conflict with Laban turns into a cry for freedom and a call to return home. Our own cry for freedom and the desire to be home with Christ is seen in this look at Jacobs life. Continue reading

Abounding Grace Realigning our focus in times of crisis and avoiding the consequences of convenience

In this in studio installment of Abounding Grace Pastor Chris reminds us to keep focused on Christ and Heaven if we are to keep our sanity in the face of loosing everything as well as serving others. plus a caution about becoming reliant on social media for worship even after the crisis has passed. Continue reading