Abounding Grace – The Lord of Life John 5:23-29 part 1

As the Lord of Life Jesus and His earthly ministry was all about Life and this is brought out here in John 5 with the lame man at the pool of Bethesda. Continue reading

Abounding Grace – A helper of the helpless John 5:1-15 part 1

A friend and helper of the helpless. An amazing look at our tender savior is on tap for this edition of Abounding Grace. Continue reading

Abounding Grace – Belief that Jesus believes John 4:43-54 part 1

For many Jesus is just a means to an end and the end is usually personal gain. For those that truly believe its an end to the beginning! Belief that Jesus believes is what Pastor Chris explores today Continue reading

Abounding Grace – Meet the Savior of the world John 4:26-42 part 2

Pastor Chris spends time looking at the woman at the well again on this edition of Abounding Grace Continue reading

Abounding Grace – Casual conversations with Pastor Chris

We sit down with Pastor Chris and loo at the best of the Gospel of John and what we have to look forward to as we continue our Journey through John. Continue reading

Abounding Grace – The fountain of Life John 4:19-26 part 2

The world has always sought the Fountain of youth with no success all the while the fountain of life is offered freely! on this installment of Abounding Grace Pastor Chris Gordon gives us a view of this fountain of life found only in Christ. Continue reading

Abounding Grace – The one thing your Pastor should always be doing John 3:22-36 part 1

So what is the one thing your pastor should always be doing? Join Pastor Chris Gordon on this edition of Abounding Grace and find out. Continue reading