Abounding Grace – Gods call to Moses Exodus 3:11-22 part 1

The Burning bush is a significant moment in the life of Moses, an event that bring Moses to God’s call on his life. Challenging us on knowing our call of God in our lives as well. Continue reading

Abounding Grace – The Last Days According To Jacob Genesis 49:1-28 part 2

Blessings and promises are given to the sons of Jacob as he nears the end of his life. See the impact they have on you thru Christ in this look at Genesis 49. Continue reading

Abounding Grace – The Revealing of Joseph Genesis 45:1-24

Of all the marvelous Stories and lessons found in Genesis none surpass this tender moment of Joseph revealing himself to his brothers. This moment in History oozes with Jesus revealing himself to us in tender love. A must listen to message of Amazing Grace! Continue reading

Abounding Grace – In Studio Good Friday

In our In Studio time Pastor Chris explores Good Friday, The Cross, who hangs there and why. Join Chris as we are reminded of the Hope and Grace that is extended to us in Good Friday. Continue reading

In Studio: What is Preaching

What is preaching? why preach? How is it different and how should it be different? in our Friday in studio edition of Abounding Grace Pastor Chris lays out what preaching should look like, sound like and to what end.