How To Keep Up With AGR Content Without Interruption

AGR listeners and readers rely social media to receive or find AGR content (e.g., the Abounding Grace Radio podcast or AGR Live blog posts). This is convenient as long as social media companies do not get between us, AGR and you, the AGR listener and reader. Increasingly, however, the social media companies (e.g., Facebook, Twitter, etc are not content to be neutral platforms. They are becoming filters with an evident bias against conservative, religiously based-content. Consider case of Dennis Prager, a conservative, Jewish radio host. His organization posts videos on YouTube (a social media platform) but YouTube hides or blocks his content frequently enough that Prager is suing Google (the parent company) and YouTube for viewpoint discrimination. When a social media platform blocks, hides, or censors content you you may never know it.

One of reasons that some content providers are having difficulties is that they rely on social media platforms to distribute their content. You will notice that AGR does not do this. We host our podcasts and our blog posts on our own server. We use Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to get the word out about our content but we do not use those places to host our content.

Subscribe Directly For Free

Because we host our own content you can connect to us directly and never miss any podcast or any blog post.

  • Subscribe directly to the Abounding Grace Radio podcast This address will allow you to subscribe to AGR in any podcast app. In my app (Podcruncher), when I want to add a podcast, I click on the plus button and search for the podcast. If I cannot find it, I look for the feed address and paste it in. You can also subscribe in Apple Podcasts.
  • Use our free iOS (Apple) or Android App. These apps are in those two app stores. We are building a new app but our current app will keep you up to date with the podcast.
  • Subscribe directly to the AGR LIve blog by using this address: This address will allow you to subscribe in your email program (which may have a built-in app to handle subscriptions) or in a dedicated feed reader in your browser (e.g., Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox, Chrome, or Duck Duck Go).
  • If you subscribe to AGR Live in WordPress via the WordPress app it will send you an email each time there is a new post.
  • Behind the scenes we are hard at work on a new blog design that will enable you to subscribe by email directly with the push of a button.

Our goal at AGR, on the radio, in our podcasts, and on the blog, is to provide you with sound, edifying content. Please subscribe directly so that you never miss any content and stay tuned to AGR and AGR Live for daily content.

Thank you for your financial and prayer support, which helps to make this possible.

R. Scott Clark