Abounding Grace – In Studio Persecution and the American Christian

What would persecution look like in America? What will the response of the American Church look like, In this In Studio edition of Abounding Grace, Pastor Chris explores Persecution in America and the Churches response. Continue reading

Abounding Grace – In Studio Good Friday

In our In Studio time Pastor Chris explores Good Friday, The Cross, who hangs there and why. Join Chris as we are reminded of the Hope and Grace that is extended to us in Good Friday. Continue reading

Abounding Grace – In Studio Spiritual musings over the pandemic

What is the latest from a ministry perspective on the Corona Virus pandemic? are there silver linings spiritually? what concerns should we have? Continue reading

Abounding Grace Realigning our focus in times of crisis and avoiding the consequences of convenience

In this in studio installment of Abounding Grace Pastor Chris reminds us to keep focused on Christ and Heaven if we are to keep our sanity in the face of loosing everything as well as serving others. plus a caution about becoming reliant on social media for worship even after the crisis has passed. Continue reading

Abounding Grace In Studio Is the Corona Virus God’s Judgment and what have we to fear?

Is the Corona Virus God’s Judgment? In todays program Pastor Chris takes a measured responsible look the answer to that question as well as assuaging the fears of many over loosing all, remembering thatEven should we loose all here and now, Jesus and Heaven are still our hope and promise. Continue reading

Abounding Grace – In Studio Spiritual Exhaustion

When you ready to throw in the spiritual towel what do you do? What can you do to help prevent getting there? Pastor Chris discusses the all sufficient Grace in times of need and what it looks like practically. Continue reading

Abounding Grace – In Studio with Rosaria Butterfield part 2

Rosaria Butterfield discusses her Journey from the LGBTQ life to Saving Grace in Christ and how here life has been since part 2 Continue reading