Interview with Dr. Rosaria Butterfield Part 1 & 2

Below are both interviews with Dr. Rosaria Butterfield as we discuss the current state of the sexual revolution, how to help parents through these challenges, and the calling of the church in facing these challenges. We’ve had some challenges with playing the audio that is being addressed, but hopefully they you are able to play both recordings. We’re grateful for Rosaria’s excellent insights and wisdom as she helps us to think through how best to shepherd those who come to us out of the LGBTG+ movement.


  1. Two points here. Neither audio recording works on my computer. To those for whom they do work, please let me know what browser you are using.

    Second, it seems that in the last sentence of the above post, Chris has reassigned Rosaria’s gender to being male. I have some jokes to make about that but thought I would hold off.

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