Interview with Rosaria Butterfield on Human Sexuality (1)

I had the privilege to sit down with Dr. Rosaria Butterfield and pick up where we left off back in 2019 to ask what has changed in the culture and the church landscape with regard to human sexuality, Side-B Christianity, and the major players in the movement. This is part one of the interview and Rosaria pulls no punches in calling “gay Christianity” our current generation’s new version of Neo-orthodoxy. We address five major lies of the movement.

***I had a bit of trouble with the audio production, my mic was off and the recording isn’t the best but we were still able to accomplish the interview. Part two to follow.


  1. I’m also having problems getting the audio files on the website to play. I’ve been working my way through the Romans series (which is fantastic…learning a lot!) and the audio files stopped working a week or so ago.

  2. I’d love to hear this interview, even if it is poor quality.
    Currently I get nothing when trying to play. It shows 0 time.

  3. Your audio files do not work for me. I’ve tried it on my computer, I’ve tried them on my phone.


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