January 2016 Newsletter

Greetings from the Abounding Grace Radio!

We hope that 2015 was a year of growth in your love for the Lord Jesus Christ and love for his Word!

We are at the beginning of another year. When you think of 2016, what comes to your mind? Do you ever think about how fast time is going? Older people tell us all the time how fast their life has gone by. But imagine if the apostles were told in their day that Jesus would still have us here in 2016 proclaiming the gospel of Jesus Christ? I’m confident they wouldn’t be able to process such a thought. The apostles were constantly pressing Christians in their day to be ready for the return of Christ because the day was at hand. To still be here in 2016 is a remarkable testimony of God’s longsuffering and patience.

We are certainly living in the last days. Look at the news reports—violence, murder, terrorism, sexual immorality—we wonder what is coming next? As Christians, we tend to worry about these things. Does this escalation of wickedness mean the end has come? Jesus addressed these things in his Olivet Discourse. While Jesus certainly recognized that many terrible things happen in the earth, he didn’t want fear to drive his people. Jesus wanted his people to stay focused on what is most important as we wait for his return.

We read in Matthew 24:14 that Jesus said, “this gospel of the kingdom will be preached in the whole world as a testimony to all nations, and then the end will come.” No matter what the evening news reports to us, Jesus told us to be concerned about bringing a greater report to the nations, a report of good news of the forgiveness of sins.

Sometimes I wonder if we Christians lose sight of why we are still here. To still be here in 2016 means that God still has more people to save. Once the last of the elect come in, then the end will come. If we believe the words of our Lord, our greatest concern should be to see his Great Commission fulfilled!

It is this Great Commission of Christ that drives the Abounding Grace Radio (AGR) project. From the beginning, it has been the focus of AGR to proclaim God’s Word to the nations. At every board meeting, we are amazed over how the Lord continues to open this door of opportunity.

Many of you have prayed and financially supported us from the beginning. We want to thank you for your support and give you a clearer picture as to how your money is being used to further the gospel of Christ to the nations. We also desire to share with you some of these exciting new developments and opportunities happening at AGR.

In 2005, AGR began airing on KARI 550AM in Blaine, Washington. This station allowed us to broadcast all the way into Vancouver B.C., covering a population base of over 4 million people. In 2012 we added KPRZ 1210AM in San Diego, California, and soon after we added KRDU 1130AM in California’s Central Valley. 2015 was an exciting year for Abounding Grace Radio. Due to generous donations from listeners like you, we were given the opportunity to air AGR in Grand Rapids, Michigan. This station, WFUR 102.9FM covers nineteen counties in Michigan with a listener base of over a million people. The daily phone calls and emails encourage us that God’s Word is reaching major population bases of the United States through AGR.

But this is not all. Through a series of events in the Lord’s kind providence, another door has been opened to us to now air AGR in Africa. Yes, you read correctly, Africa! A brand new transmitter was just launched in Zambia and in conjunction with Voice of Hope Radio, AGR will broadcast daily with omni-directional coverage to all of central, eastern and southern Africa. Further, a second transmitter will be launched next year with directional coverage to West Africa. It’s hard to express our excitement in this newsletter, but this is a wonderful opportunity the Lord has given us to reach millions of Africans with the gospel!

While there is still hunger in the U.S. for God’s Word, we have been impressed with how many people from foreign countries contact us as regular listeners to AGR. As I am writing this newsletter, another email arrived in my inbox from a listener in the Ukraine who expressed his gratitude for the program.

Our website continues to be a fantastic avenue for people to access AGR, especially for those in foreign countries. To give you some idea of how the website alone is being used, here are some recent statistics through our monitoring of www.agradio.org. Approximately 1900 unique visitors per month visiting the website nearly 90,000 times in 2015, accessed by individuals from 24 different countries besides Canada and the United States.

We hope this provides you a clearer picture of how the Lord is blessing AGR. We are very grateful to our listeners and supporters. We thank you again for your help in this worthwhile effort to make known the gospel to the nations. We believe the Lord has opened a great door of opportunity in proclaiming his gospel that we must  continue to walk through. All of your support goes to continue the AGR project. You are a part of this, and it is by God’s kindness through the means of your generosity that we have been able to keep AGR going for over 10 years now.

Please pray for us that we would have wisdom to know best how to use this opportunity in a way that honors our risen Christ. What a privilege it is to work in Christ’s vineyard, for even at this late hour Christ is still saving. What a blessing we have to share in making known the only and truly good news that Jesus Christ has for the nations.

For Christ and His Kingdom,

Pastor Christopher J Gordon

On Behalf of the Board of Abounding Grace Radio