Abounding Grace – The Day Everything Became Confusing Genesis 11:1-9

A quick read of Genesis 11 and the Tower of Babel and you would think it was written yesterday. Some things never change and the pride of man is one of them. In contrast to the previous installment of Abounding Grace and the City of God this message shows us the alternative, the city of man. Continue reading

Abounding Grace – Indecent Exposure Genesis 38:1-30 part 2

To show the contrast and reason for the choice of the line of the Messiah between Joseph and Judah God gives us Chapter 38 of Genesis. Continue reading

Abounding Grace – In Studio Good Friday

In our In Studio time Pastor Chris explores Good Friday, The Cross, who hangs there and why. Join Chris as we are reminded of the Hope and Grace that is extended to us in Good Friday. Continue reading

Abounding Grace In Studio Is the Corona Virus God’s Judgment and what have we to fear?

Is the Corona Virus God’s Judgment? In todays program Pastor Chris takes a measured responsible look the answer to that question as well as assuaging the fears of many over loosing all, remembering thatEven should we loose all here and now, Jesus and Heaven are still our hope and promise. Continue reading