Abounding Grace – The first commandment; none besides Me Exodus 20:1; 1 Kings 18:20-40 part 1

The Ten Commandments can be challenging at best in this “New Testament era” Do they apply or not? Today on Abounding Grace Pastor Chris Gordon gives us a look at the first commandment and why it is important for us to obey this first and foremost commandment. Continue reading

Abounding Grace – The First Commandment; None beside Me Exodus 20:1; 1 Kings 18:20-40 part 1

The Law of God, specifically the 10 commandments.as we begin this series we do so with the first command, No other gods before Me. Continue reading

In Studio: What is Preaching

What is preaching? why preach? How is it different and how should it be different? in our Friday in studio edition of Abounding Grace Pastor Chris lays out what preaching should look like, sound like and to what end.

Charlie Starkweather: Depravity, Dystopia, And The Death Penalty In The Heart Of America

On this date in 1959 the state of Nebraska executed the death sentence upon Charles Starkweather, an admitted, notorious spree killer and mass murderer. Certainly, when “Charlie” (as he was known) was captured after a shootout in Douglas, Wyoming there was little doubt and by the end of his trial it was certain that he had committed a shocking and brutal series of murders in and around what was then a sleepy college town and state capitol, Lincoln, Nebraska. The only real question that remained through the trial, which persists to this day, is whether Caril Ann Fugate, whose family Charlie murdered, accompanied him willingly during his spree, whether she cooperated in or even committed some of the murders, or whether she was a hostage (as she later claimed) and suffered from Stockholm Syndrome. Continue reading