Face-To-Face With The Flock

astor Chris Gordon and Rev. Dr. Daniel Borvan discuss the role of pastors deacons and elders and how they are key to the health of the church
Face-To-Face With The Flock
astor Chris Gordon and Rev. Dr. Daniel Borvan discuss the role of pastors deacons and elders and how they are key to the health of the church
Jun 19, 2024
Hosted By
Pastor Chris Gordon
Show Notes

In this episode of AGR the conversation on church leadership continues. Pastor Chris Gordon and Rev. Dr. Daniel Borvan discuss the role of pastors deacons and elders and how they are key to the health of the church. They cover the distinction between an elder visit and a pastoral visit which although sometimes misperceived are meant to be an encouragement to everyone involved. They acknowledge that all churches and their members make mistakes, which is why communication, love and understanding is central in building up the church family and glorifying the Lord.


00:00 - Elders Handle Discipline
02:15 - Pastors Are For The Congregation
06:00 - Polity & Parity
07:00 - Wisdom Of The Farmer
08:30 - The Importance Of Visitation
12:44 - Pastoral Vs. Elder Visitation
14:00 - The Benefits Of Pastoral Visits
15:30 - How To Revive The Church
19:00 - Strengthening The Church
20:09 - Pastors Will Make Mistakes
21:00 - Breaking Down Elder Visits
22:50 - Bridging The Gap
24:20 - Talk It Out
25:10 - Force Is Failure
27:08 - Righteous Anger
28:00 - Elder Visit Responsibilities
30:30 - Why Elders Should Be Older
32:00 - The Office Of Elder Is Hard Work
32:40 - The Dignity Of The Deacon
33:20 - Catechizing The Youth
35:20 - Pastors Need Visits Too


Rev. Dr. Daniel Borvan is pastor of preaching ministry at Christ Reformed Church. His responsibilities are to “preach the Word; be ready in season and out of season; reprove, rebuke, and exhort, with complete patience and teaching” (2 Timothy 4:2).
Daniel earned his Master of Divinity degree from Westminster Seminary California in 2011. As a student at Westminster Seminary he learned that all study of Scripture, theology, and church history is put into practice in the worship and work of the church. The goal is to glorify Christ by serving His church. At Westminster Seminary he also earned a Master of Arts degree in Historical Theology. His thesis paper was on Faustus Socinus.
Daniel is chairman of the Heidelberg Reformation Association. Some of his published articles are on the Heidelblog website. Daniel was installed as pastor of preaching ministry at Christ Reformed Church September 29, 2023, having served four years at Grace Torrance United Reformed Church in Torrance, California as minister of Word and sacrament. Daniel is married to Marcy and they have two daughters and a son.

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