Godfrey on Revelation: Golden Age or Tribulation?

Dr. Godfrey is back on AGR, and the topic today is sometimes a controversial one: the Book of Revelation.
Godfrey on Revelation: Golden Age or Tribulation?
Dr. Godfrey is back on AGR, and the topic today is sometimes a controversial one: the Book of Revelation.
May 29, 2024
Hosted By
Pastor Chris Gordon
Show Notes

Dr. Godfrey is back on AGR, and the topic today is sometimes a controversial one: the Book of Revelation. He and Pastor Chris Gordon discuss the amillennial, postmillennial and premillennial interpretations of Revelation, and look deeper into the book’s theme of good versus evil and the clear distinction between the two. They pinpoint the main goal of Revelation and agree it’s there to help believers face the suffering of this world through perseverance, faith, and hope in the victory of Jesus Christ.


00:00 - Intro to Godfrey and Revelation
00:45 - Riddles Of Revelation I
01:30 - Preaching The Book Of Revelation
02:10 - The Reformation & Revelation
04:00 - What Is The Book Of Revelation Accomplishing?
06:00 - The “soon” of Revelation
07:20 - The 1st Vision
09:09 - Amillennialism & Pessimism?
10:56 - Suffering Precedes Glory
13:40 - Evangelism In Revelation?
15:15 - Covenant Lawsuits
17:20 - How Does Revelation Help Us Now?
19:40 - Protestants Are Angry
20:55 - The Answer To Anger
22:22 - Sermon On The Mount
23:53 - Revelation & The State
25:00 - Who Is The Great Harlot Of Revelation?
26:44 - View Of Government

Dr. Godfrey has taught church history at Westminster Seminary California since 1981 and served as the seminary’s third president from 1993 to 2017. He previously taught at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary, Stanford University, and Westminster Theological Seminary in Philadelphia. He is a minister in the United Reformed Churches in North America, a Ligonier Ministries Teaching Fellow, and has spoken at many conferences including those sponsored by the Lausanne Committee for World Evangelization, the Philadelphia Conference on Reformed Theology, and Ligonier Ministries. He is currently serving as chairman of the Board of Ligonier Ministries, a position he took over from the late Dr. R.C. Sproul.

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