Abounding Grace – Let my people go Genesis 30:25-31:55 part 1

Jacobs conflict with Laban turns into a cry for freedom and a call to return home. Our own cry for freedom and the desire to be home with Christ is seen in this look at Jacobs life.


  1. Hello Pastor:

    I have been following your radio ministry for several years with much blessing on KARI.
    Your series now on the life of Jacob, his relationship with Laban and the birth of his 6 sons from Leah,
    4 from the “maids” of both Leah and Rachael and finally the 2 from the woman he really loved (Rachael), was particularly good learning and a blessing to me. I often wondered why would God allow these relationships and still bless Jacob.?
    You finally answered this for me. God knew that these 12 sons would become the 12 tribes of Israel and His eventual “chosen” nation of Israel and the Jewish people.
    I look forward to your next sermon on “what about Dinah”?
    P.S. I have visited Israel several times and still am blessed with each visit.

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