Gospel Clarity in an Anti-Christian Age

Making Known the Riches of Jesus Christ and the Forgiveness of Sins to the Nations

AGR is committed to the historic Christian faith and classic Reformed Theology. I give them my highest recommendation.
~ Dr. R Scott Clark
There are few expositors who preach with such gospel clarity as Chris, challenging and encouraging pastors, professors and seminarians around the world, people like me.
~ Dr. Christopher Yuan
What I love about this podcast is the focus on the sufficiency of Christ in all of scripture. A fresh reminder of Christ every week.
~ Jon Moffitt
The Cult Following of the Omnicompetent Pastor
Pastor Chris Gordon   /   May 3, 2024
What is Jesus Doing Today?
Pastor Mark Hogan   /   May 2, 2024
The Greatest Joy is Jesus
Pastor Wes Bredenhof   /   May 1, 2024
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The New Reformation Catechism On Human Sexuality
by Rev. Christopher Gordon

The New Reformation Catechism on Human Sexuality, authored by Rev. Christopher Gordon, is a new biblically based catechism giving clarity on critical issues concerning human sexuality.

"May God bless you richly as you grow in Christian liberty. May this book help you hold fast to the truth and better understand how the full counsel of God speaks to the godly priority of human sexuality."
~ Rosaria Butterfield
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