Abounding Grace Radio – The fifth commandment Honor your Father and Mother, Exodus 20:12; 1 Samuel 2:22-25 part 1

The ten commandments are broken into two sections, the first is Vertical, heavenward toward God, the second half is horizontal, toward each other and the first of the horizontal; “Honor your Father and Mother” is extremely important to God, learn why on this edition of Abounding Grace.

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  1. Oh so true.

    I had very bad parents, they were people who were very damaged and they never did fix up their issues, but they were still my parents and despite all their failings I would have been wiser to have been an obedient son rather then to disobey them. Of course part of the problem was that they set no boundaries on me.

    Now I’m middle aged and I can see where it all went wrong and a lot of it was me not listening to my parents!

    Thank you Pastor Gordon you are a blessing to us all.

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