Abounding Grace Realigning our focus in times of crisis and avoiding the consequences of convenience

In this in studio installment of Abounding Grace Pastor Chris reminds us to keep focused on Christ and Heaven if we are to keep our sanity in the face of loosing everything as well as serving others. plus a caution about becoming reliant on social media for worship even after the crisis has passed.

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  1. Chris,

    Thank you again for providing sound biblical doctrine, advice and wisdom. I do not mean to comment on each post, however, AGR and the other ministries you share online mean a great deal to me. I work at a residential treatment facility for adjudicated youth on the weekends so getting to corporate worship is difficult. Thankfully I work with many believers and also interact with people in my town who are Christians. I also attend a weekly prayer service at a local OPC church.

    I just wanted to syt thank you. I am 47, attended an Assemblies of God Bible College but recently have been studying Reformed Theology in large part because my brother is almost finished at Westminter-Philadelphia. He is the one who told me about you and Michael Horton- you two are my favorites. I have been so blessed by your preaching and teaching on AGR and from the sermons the churches you have been a pastor share online. I am truly grateful and the messages of Providence, Grace, Election and God’s Sovereignty have truly been like a balm to my soul.

    Sorry for such a lengthy message but wanted to express my gratitude and thanks and to assure you that your ministry is making a huge difference.

    Thank you Chris and Andy,


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