Abounding Grace – The Christmas story like you’ve never heard it before Matthew 1:1-17 part 1

Genealogy’s can be a rather boring read, unless your reading them from Scripture, then they come alive with truth that encourages and inspires. The real reason for the season found here in the genealogy of Matthew


  1. When you speak of heaven and the new earth, where there is no death. You refer to life after death? Or is that going to be “heaven “ on earth?

  2. Heard this message on Kari today.
    Great segment! I was aware of the other three, in fact I shared exactly this message just a few days ago in a group! But I completely overlooked Ruth the Moabite! Her lineage was far from clean, yet God chose her and Boaz for King David to come through, and eventually Jesus! So many details that one could miss!
    Awesome message, the more I understand about myself, and other people, the more I agree that we are super messed up, yet we are exactly the messy people that God came to save and die for, and He came through such a broken people, and we are no better than them, if we are honest!
    God is so good! I pray that everyone will come to understand and appreciate what a wonder we have in our God, and Jesus is His Name!

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