Abounding Grace – He Was Put In A Coffin Genesis 50:15-26 part 1

We prepare for death in every way except the one that really matters. In this installment of Abounding Grace Pastor Chris Gordon reminds us that we will die, and its God alone who can bring us out of the coffin after that! Continue reading

Abounding Grace – Jacobs Tale Of Woe Genesis 46:31-47:12 part 1

We all have our tale of sorrows, Jacob recounts his to the Pharaoh of Egypt. the problem is, His life, as ours has more Grace than Woe, A lesson to learn and remember. Continue reading

Abounding Grace – Do This And Live Genesis 42:1-38 part 2

Here in Genesis 42 God provides us with a classic illustration of the question “What must we do to be saved?” Continue reading

Abounding Grace – Indecent Exposure Genesis 38:1-30 part 2

To show the contrast and reason for the choice of the line of the Messiah between Joseph and Judah God gives us Chapter 38 of Genesis. Continue reading

Abounding Grace – Let my people go Genesis 30:25-31:55 part 1

Jacobs conflict with Laban turns into a cry for freedom and a call to return home. Our own cry for freedom and the desire to be home with Christ is seen in this look at Jacobs life. Continue reading

Abounding Grace – In Studio Good Friday

In our In Studio time Pastor Chris explores Good Friday, The Cross, who hangs there and why. Join Chris as we are reminded of the Hope and Grace that is extended to us in Good Friday. Continue reading