Abounding Grace – When it all goes South God still goes North Genesis 27:30-28:9 part 2

Jacob, Rebekah, Issac and Esau. Two try to usurp Gods will and two try to force Gods will their way. Who wins? How does it end? And how does this historic narrative reflect on your life today? This message from Genesis 27 bring the Hope of Grace into very graceless situations. Continue reading

Abounding Grace – The Potters power over the clay, Genesis 27.30-28.9 part 1

Is God sovereign over all He has made or not? In Genesis 27 we see God’s sovereign rule over all, even in spite of our sin and rebellion against Him. Continue reading

Abounding Grace – In the grip of Grace, Genesis 27:1-41 part 1

When everyone makes wrong choices what does God do? How does He respond? In chapter 27 of Genesis we dee one of the darkest moments and God’s faithfulness in the midst of it all. Continue reading