Abounding Grace Radio – Servants for Life Exodus 21.1-11 part 2

Slavery and the laws set by God for slavery are designed for one thing, to help and provide physical needs and comfort and ultimate freedom, not just physically but spiritually as well! Pastor Chris Gordon opens up the laws set by God on Slavery and their true Gospel intent on this edition of Abounding Grace. Continue reading

Abounding Grace Radio – Servants for Life Exodus 21.1-11 part 1

In America and from our history books we understand slavery as a very ugly evil and blight our past and present. Sadly we take this view and transpose it to Gods word, especially the Old Testament teachings on the subject. Today and tomorrow Pastor Chris Gordon shows us from Exodus that God loathes our brand of slavery and reveals Gods Saving nature in His view of Slavery, a Slavery designed to set free! Continue reading

Abounding Grace – The Christmas story like you’ve never heard it before Matthew 1:1-17 part 1

Genealogy’s can be a rather boring read, unless your reading them from Scripture, then they come alive with truth that encourages and inspires. The real reason for the season found here in the genealogy of Matthew Continue reading