Abounding Grace – Plagues part 4; Lord of the flies Exodus 8:20-31 part 1

In a society obsessed with cleanliness and purity, to the point of worshipping this lifestyle, God quite literally sticks a fly in the ointment with a plague of flies. all the while keeping Israel free of the infestation. Continue reading

Abounding Grace – Plagues part 3; Of Lice and men Exodus 8:16-19 part 2

When God disciplines or punishes for sin it is always sin specific. Here in Exodus, God not only judges Egypt and Pharaoh for their Idol worship but He delivers His people out of slavery at the same time! Good encouragement for us as we see everything fall apart around us. Continue reading

Abounding Grace – Plagues part 2; Frog Team Six Exodus 8:1-19 part 1

As Pastor Chris moves through the ten plagues here in Exodus, we begin to see that each of these plagues are related to the sinful worship of the Egyptians. In delivering His people he visits Judgment on Egypt in keeping with their sin. Continue reading

Abounding Grace – Plagues part 1 Seven days of blood Exodus 7:14-25 part 1

When it comes to Gods Judgment and deliverance no other passage captures them like the one here in Exodus and the ten plagues. Pastor Chris begins a journey through these plagues and the deliverance of Israel. Continue reading

Abounding Grace In Studio Is the Corona Virus God’s Judgment and what have we to fear?

Is the Corona Virus God’s Judgment? In todays program Pastor Chris takes a measured responsible look the answer to that question as well as assuaging the fears of many over loosing all, remembering thatEven should we loose all here and now, Jesus and Heaven are still our hope and promise. Continue reading