What’s Going on Right Now: Sex, Race, Politics, & Power – Dr. W Robert Godfrey (17) Conclusion

This is the final session of Dr. Godfrey’s Sunday school class as he brings to a conclusion the subject of the collapse of Christendom and the Christian response.

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  1. First, I appreciate Godfrey’s comments on being winsome. Being winsome has come under attack in some circles.

    Second, I wonder if being exiles and waiting for our home to come should modify our being faithful to our Savior in the public square. For if we are exiles here, can we try to do too much here in our earthly homes while trying to be faithful? And here, what I mean by trying to hard is trying to pass laws that curb certain sins. If we have no continuing place on earth, do we need to try to make our temporary residence to comfortable by infringing on the behaviors of others such as the behaviors of those from the LGBT community? Can being faithful to our Savior, in that case, mean giving them freedom and recognition in society while preaching and sharing God’s Word as we evangelize and trying to keep the Church pure? After all, we recognize the freedom to worship which itself allows people to follow and worship idols.

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