What’s Going on Right Now? Sex, Race, Politics, & Power w/ Dr. W. Robert Godfrey (16)

Dr. Godfrey begins his concluding reflections on the present collapse of Christendom and how Christian’s should continue to be active in seeking to influence the culture in the cause of Jesus Christ.

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  1. I haven’t been able to get listen to the talk again and so my comment will be based on my memory of it.

    It seems that the driving motivations for this interest in getting a Christian influence on our culture seems to either a significant discomfort with the growing percentage of people who do not share enough of our worldview or a downright fear of that growing percentage because we are afraid that they will make temptations irresistible to us. And so we must regain some degree of control. But I don’t think that was apostolic approach to the same problem but that occurred to a greater degree.

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