What’s Going on Right Now: Sex, Race, Politics, & Power with Dr. W Robert Godfrey (5)

In this fifth session of the Escondido URC Sunday School Class, Dr. Godfrey traces the long period of challenges to Christendom within Christendom, and the rise of the Enlightenment. The Enlightenment thought that Christianity was too focused on the world to come, and sought for happiness in this world through freedom, equality, and brotherhood, thereby creating a new religion.

This ultimately led to a revolution in France. Godfrey outlines that this new religion posed a significant challenge to Christendom as it became a conflict between nature and freedom and how they worked together. This has very important implications for our present conflict. Please take a moment to listen to Dr. Godfrey’s fifth session.


  1. Excellent series. They go well with Carl Trueman’s book, “Rise and Triumph of the Modern Self,” van Prinsterers book, “Revolution and Unbelief,” and Bavinck’s “Ethics.” I hope to see these lectures turn into a class someday. This subject, the end of Christendom in the West, should be the first priority for all Christians to notice and understand. What is happening today? How did it happen? Why is this happening? etc.

  2. Ever since Dr. Godfrey’s series on church history, he’s been my go-to guy on ecclesiastical issues. Thanks for again posting this and look forward to still more, Lord willing.
    I’m curious:
    In light of the SJC’s decision to not pursue charges on TE Johnson, what does this say about the resurgence of enlightenment thought processes in the PCA? The mindset of TE Johnson is and has been clearly stated that human freedom has bound nature and the Word and can be, at any time and place, subjugated to the machinations of the will. Your Thoughts?

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